Why People Choose To Buy Teak Furniture?

 Some people say that teak is the hardest and most valuable wood in the world. But is it true? To find out the truth, let us discuss this matter further.

Teak is a versatile wood that thrives in Asian regions such as Burma, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Because the best teak furniture comes from mature teak trees, it will take at least 80 years before a teak tree can be used as a material for making furniture. 

Why does it have to be mature teak? Because mature teak wood has durability, density, strength, and natural oil content that makes teak wood resistant to moisture, fungi, and various types of insects such as termites, ants and others. 

This extraordinary durability makes teak wood not only good for indoor furniture but also as outdoor furniture.

Unlike other types of wood, you will find a lot of natural oil and rubber stored in the teak wood even though the wood has undergone various types of processes such as cutting, drying and others. 

In fact, all wood contains oil which serves to protect trees from the harshness of nature. However, unlike other woods that cannot maintain their oil and rubber content in the process of making furniture, teak wood can retain its oil and rubber content very well. 

Therefore, teak has more natural weather resistance properties than other types of wood. Apart from protecting the wood from hot and cold weather, teak oil also protects the wood from grinding, which is a common problem with old wood furniture. 

The oil and rubber in teak also protect the wood from invading fungi and parasites that can damage your furniture. You don't even need to take special care to maintain the durability of teak furniture

Over time, teak furniture may change color from golden brown to silver gray, but the appearance will still look elegant. If you want to maintain the warm impression of the brown color, then you can apply teak oil once a year to your favorite teak furniture.

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